In the more than 40 year-old company history we are specialised on the development, production and the distribution of decorative and colored glassfibermat, as well as glass fabrics.

The business portfolio became in this time above all also internationally develops and extends. With additional agency offices in Sweden and in Austria we could support the “central” European market.

Our products are processed for the heat insulation and sound insulation, in the whole interior fitting (wall disguising, ground disguising and ceiling panel) and thus we are a partner of the mineral and stone woollen industry for decorative and colored surface solutions.

The many-sided products for the interior fitting which fulfil the highest requirements- creative, technically, acoustically and qualitative.

By constant modernisation and improvement of the production processes, training of our employees and not least by a modern management is our company always able to realise individual customer requests.

Our customers appreciate our good service with delivery in time with constantly high quality.


We are specialised in the coating of glassfibermats.


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In the heads and hearts of the people lies the true treasure of a company.

Products at a glance

We are specialised in the coating of glassfibermats whereby the aesthetic design of the decorative layer of ceiling panels (grid ceilings) is the primary application area of our products.

The basis of our products comprises a glassfibermat in patterned one or two-tone print according to RAL, Pantone or NCS colour scale, as well as special designs according to templates

We have developed a range of innovative products over the past decades; be it for filter technology, radar screening or in insulation technology for high-volt transformers.

Colored decorative glassfibermat

Flame retarding paste and foam coating compounds are applied in varying grammages to the surface of the carrier material which…

Self-adhesive coating

Self-adhesive materials are used for special applications. Here, the acoustic fleeces or alternatively glassfibermats are coated with…

Cleanable surfaces

Special coating compounds enable a closed structure of the glassfibermat and – due to a very smooth surface – these products are perfect…

Thermo-reactive adhesive

The basis for the coating is an EVAC (Ethylene Vinyl Acetate Copolymer), which is applied to the carrier material in a grid poin….

Technical application

We have developed a range of innovative products over the past decades; be it for filter technology, radar screening or in insulation…


In the heads and hearts of the people lies the true treasure of a successful enterprise. We invest a little in advertisement and own marketing – for it all the more in the knowledge and the experience of our employees. Our aims make high demands for the people who work with us.

Therefore, we demand excellent specialist knowledge, engagement and a high quality conscious being of our employees. To maintain this and to promote is a priority job of our management.

Decisively for the efficiency of our enterprise are knowledge, abilities and the enthusiasm ability of the people who work here.

By clear and thought-out organisational structures we delegate extensive duties, responsibility and competence. Thus a sphere in which every employee can achieve personal results – an essential key originates to the motivation.

We know and want that the people are it who configure our ideas, our challenges and our success – and every day anew. A powerful team lives on the soul which is inherent in it and a confide cooperation and reciprocal respect inwards like outside allow lasting success.

Document library

In our document library you will find technical and legal information on our glassfibermat products for ceiling and wall applications.

Quality ISO 9001

Through specific leading and conning on the basis of an actual and efficient quality management we are targeted on the demands of our customers. Our company is certificated according to DIN EN ISO 9001:2015.


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