Through specific leading and conning on the basis of an actual and efficient quality management we are targeted on the demands of our customers. Our company is certificated according to DIN EN ISO 9001:2015.

Since 1996 we have installed a quality management system, with which help we on the basis of the company circumstances to reach our aim certainly, reproduceable and economically. From our experience we know that only the system is not sufficient. It is vital that we proceed afterwards and improve the system continuously.

An important premise for it is the engagement, the specialist knowledge and the high quality conscious being of our employees. To obtain this and to promote this is a high-priority assignment of our management.

Based on these objectives we have concretised the aims of our quality policy and have formulated as a guideline for all employees:

We want to deliver to our customers a constantly high quality on which you can count.

Delivery in time is a attribute of our company.

Our customers should feel comfortable with us. They should feel that we are competent and can listen.

We take of it care that our employees have clarity about the demands made to them and which they know to concerning expiries and approaches in our company and apply.

We want that our employees assess her own approaches critically and take part in their improvement.

Every employee feels responsible for the quality of his own work and acts accordingly responsibly.

We support that the principle of the “internal customers / supplier’s respect” is lived in our house actively. This means that every employee gets on as a supplier and customer of performances which he receives in agreed quality or passes on.


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